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- Beautiful Art Deco French Mannequin -

Wonderful and totally authentic Dior shop display mannequin by CHRISTIAN DIOR Paris. Manurfactured from the 1930's through to the 50's and not to be confused with the 1980s hard foam remake, this girl is original! Ideal for dressing tables to glam them up, can display hats and jewellery or just display her as she is. These mannequins are ideal for the collector or just as a figure to display. Made from Plaster this figure is deceptively heavy and very sturdy. Standing a proud 22 " inches tall ( 53 cm ) and the base measures 7" wide ( 19 cm ) The head is 18" circumference ( 46 cm ).

Her condition is excellent.


Diameter = 18" (Approx 47cm)

Height = 22" (Approx 53 cm)

Depth = 7" (Approx 19cm)



Ref FIG 408