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Art Deco Wall Mask

This is a very attractive 1930's Art Deco ceramic wall mask. Made in Czechoslovakia and stamped to the back ERphila with registration mark 11729 (H). Her colouring is very vibrant and she displays beautifully when mounted on a wall. She does have one or two areas to point out, to the back of her (unseen from front ) there is an old chip. To the bottom of her hat is a chip that has been coloured in, not badly done we have to say and not at all noticable unless you look for it, but is mentioned for accuracy. We have priced her accordingly.


Height = 9½"(Approx 24cm)

Depth = 2½"(Approx 6.5cm)

Width = 5½"(Approx 14cm)


Ref FIG40